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As this is a fictional hotel for digital training purposes this is sample text that can be freely copied and pasted on your own website and jazzed up with what you have done in particular to protect your staff and guests. We suggest the following

  • Create a dedicated page on your own website for We're Good To Go and tweak the text to emphasise the personal measures you've undertaken for staff and guest safety
  • Link to the website page from your emails, your social media and share on group pages and discussion forum everywhere.
  • Consider creating a series of digital postcards that use the logo as part of an ongoing "Safe" destination campaign
  • Consider putting the logo on all your web page hero images

We've created sample text from VisitScotland's email below for our clients to use as a template for their pages and used this to create a simple guest facing page.

We're Good To Go

Before opening we have had to make sure that we were ready to welcome out guests back safely and as part of that process we are delighted to say that in conjunction with VisitScotland "We Are Good to Go!"

VisitScotland have worked with Tourism Northern Ireland, VisitEngland and VisitWales to develop a new UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark to provide confidence for visitors, communities and tourism businesses alike – as the sector works towards reopening.

The ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard and supporting mark mean businesses across all sectors of the tourism industry in Scotland can demonstrate that they're adhering to the respective government and public health guidance, and you can be reassured that we have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to check that all the required processes and protocols are in place.

The Scottish Government have adopted the scheme's goals - Fergus Ewing, Scottish Government Tourism Secretary stated;

Scotland’s tourism sector has suffered terribly from the impacts of coronavirus. The Scottish Government has been doing all it can to help the sector through these challenging times and we continue to support tourism businesses as they prepare to open their doors again.

Good to Go is a really positive development, developed jointly by the four Visitor agencies across the UK, that will ensure the sector is as prepared as possible to welcome visitors again. I’m pleased to see the establishment of this UK wide self-certification scheme that will enable businesses to demonstrate that they are ready to reopen and give much needed confidence to visitors and communities that tourism can begin again.

Online self-assessment

To obtain the mark we completes a self-assessment which includes a checklist confirming we have put the necessary processes in place and we now have certification and can say to all out guests that ‘We’re Good To Go’.

In Scotland, businesses will align with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 Visitor Economy Guidelines. An ‘alert’ system ensures that businesses signed up to the standard are notified if there are changes to the official guidance. A call-handling service will provide support and advisors will also carry-out random business support calls to ensure businesses are understanding and adhering to the guidance.

The self-assessment process links to specific guidelines for sectors including accommodation, visitor attractions, restaurants and pubs, business conference and events venues, and tour and coach operators, with signposting to further industry and trade association guidance as required. We will continue to assess and review all of our practices and work with you our guests to make continuous improvements.

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