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COVID has created its own set of communication issues for the hospitality sector with some issues apparently open to more interpretation than others. The ever changing guidance, rules and regulations create even more headaches for operators who then have to update their own advice  for booking engines, emails, newsletters and websites and more.

Your communications strategy must not only be clear but it must be easy to manage and we have been proposing to all of our clients that they create a single COVID landing page that provides update information on a single page. In doing this it reduces the number of places you have to change and speeds up changes and also include a "Last updated 24th xxxxxxx 2020" above every section.

Create a landing page for COVID 19 Updates on your website and structure it in terms of importance to your guest (Example below)

  • Where we are now (dated)
  • Current Government Guidelines 
  • Further Information and links if required

We suggest that you

  • Share and embed this regulations and advice page link on all your communication points - booking engine and pages, Facebook, 
  • Link from your home page and put the page in your navigation but it DOES NOT need to be your primary call to action.
  • Share your in house statement relating to your handling of the guests' visit and detail your own procedures for check in, stays etc
  • Create a PDF version for downloading and providing to guests to confirm acceptance of at check in
  • Send a link to your COVID guidelines page in your pre-arrival guest email in the week prior to check in (this should be pasrt of a pre check in routine regardless of COVID

Having a single definitive and up to date landing page for the subject area means that employees and guests all have access to up to date information as it changes and that you can simply go to a single point to update immediate and urgent changes. It will not remove all of your issues but it simplifies communications for all stakeholders but clearly it MUST then be kept up to date and changes made when necessary.

Oh and critically you need to adopt a tone of reassurance and not panic or fear inducing statements. As above, put a link button at the top of your home page or under the fold if preferred and drop it into your navigation but you do not need to create a big graphic with a Red Danger sign to draw attention to it!. The physical analogy was in a recent hotel check in - the guest understands the perspex screen and its function so there is absolutely no need to cover it in Yellow and Black scene of Crime tape!

Your guest is looking for reassurance and an escape not more danger signals! Please feel free to use any of the information below on your own site but please always check that it is up to date. We shall update accordingly and will change the relevant date to reflect recent changes.

Our COVID Guidance

Updated 25th September 2020 by the General Manager

In these strange times we want all of our guests to feel safe and secure before, during and after their visit to our premises and for that reason we have created this page to keep you up to date with what we are doing at The Brigadoon.

The page outlines not only our operating processes but also links to current government legislation and industry guidance.

With our resort offering, there are a complex set of rules in operation at any one time with specific rules applying to our serviced hotel accommodation and our self catering premises separately. We will wherever possible try to summarise all of the clearly and provide links to the detailed guidance below.

We keep this section of our website updated on a daily basis and it provides the basis for all of our safe trading and you may be referred to it on our emails, social media pages and booking confirmations. We ask you therefore to please read the guidance on this page prior to your arrival should you have any concerns.

Please note that we take our responsibilities very seriously and for the health and safety of other guests and our staff the current regulations in force will be made available to you at check in to ensure that they are fully understood and are accepted as part of the agreement to accommodate.

We ask all of our guests to understand this both at the time of booking and more importantly at the time of arrival and respectfully ask that you please comply fully to help us follow legal and safety requirements. 

Where we are now

The key updates for hospitality up to and including Friday 25 September:

  • pubs, restaurants and hospitality settings will be required to close at 10pm
  • table service will continue to be required in all hospitality premises
  • a maximum of 6 people from 2 households can still meet, with children under 12 exempt
  • 10pm curfew on all food and drink service in public areas
  • face coverings should be worn when standing in any and all areas and can be removed when seated
  • we ask you to respect a distance of at least 1 metre between any persons on the premises (except between two members of the same household, or a carer and the person assisted by the carer)
  • we also ensure that a distance of at least 2 metres is maintained between any person waiting to enter the premises (except between two members of the same household or a carer and the person assisted by the carer). We have adopted this rule for any queueing within our resort.

Ten o'clock curfew

  • Pubs, restaurants and hospitality settings will be required to close at 10pm. This includes reception lounge areas as well as our bars and restaurants.
  • Our premises will need to be closed by 22:00. Last orders will therefore need to be called at an appropriate time to allow service, customers to eat/drink up and to depart the premises to ensure doors are closed by 22:00. This ruling applies to residents and non residents.
  • Room service is still permitted after 22:00 and will be available on a limited menu basis.

Table Service Only

Under statutory guidance we will be providing table service only. It is required by law under regulations that we do this and direct action can be taken if we fail to comply with this requirement.

Rules of Households

Further restrictions on household gatherings are currently in place. These limit households from mixing with other households in private dwellings. Self-contained holiday accommodation is within the definition of a private dwelling, and these restrictions therefore also apply to all forms of self-catering accommodation, including holiday cottages, lodges, apartments, caravans, chalets, houseboats, sailing boats etc. (note given the range of types of self-catering accommodation available in Scotland, from tree houses and yurts to lighthouses, this list is not exhaustive.)

Hotels, guest houses, boarding houses and bed and breakfasts are excluded from the definition of private dwellings, and we may continue to accommodate groups of up to six from no more than two households. There can be no sharing of rooms between members of different households, and there must be provision for physical distancing with separate households within a group, as well as between groups.

Cancellations and Refund

Service remains our priority at all times and that applies to how we treat refunds, cancellations, and rescheduling.We will always offer a full refund for any bookings that are impacted by any change in regulations. We will also always offer an alternative date with a hospitality voucher to use on your rescheduled visit if accepted.

Current Scottish Government Guidance and Legislation

All of our operating procedures follow Scottish Government guidance and legislation. This is updated here 

Scottish Government tourism and hospitality sector guidance

Scottish Government Frequently Asked Questions

There is page that details many of the questions that hoteliers and hospitality operators are facing day in day out. Again this helps shape our operating procedures. Please view these using the link below.


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